Freek Borstlap

As one of the leading Dutch performers on the viola da gamba and artistic director of The Spirit of GAMBO, Freek Borstlap performs all over the world as a soloist and in ensembles. He has increasingly concentrated on 17th century English consort music. As a teacher and performer he is a defender of 'forgotten' chamber music, from composers such as C. Simpson, J. Jenkins and O. Gibbons.

Gesina Liedmeier

When she was studying to become a professional viol player,  Gesina Liedmeier also started making instruments. An important part of Liedmeier's work are the heads she carves. The Städtische Museum Kalkar, Germany, organised an exhibition on her wood sculptures and  historical bowed instruments. The Spirit of GAMBO usually plays on her instruments.

Ivanka Neeleman

During her studies her performances were noticed by critics as strikingly solo with natural grace. Ivanka Neeleman studied viola da gamba with Wieland Kuijken.  She is a regular guest at various orchestras and ensembles for early music. Both late Baroque music from composers such as  J. G. Graun and 17th century English lyra viol music form her current sources of inspiration

Thomas Baeté

The meeting of seemingly opposite currents form the waves Thomas Baeté rides when he performs, researches, teaches and directs early music. 
Based in Belgium, his musical activities brought him to over 20 European countries. He founded the ensemble ClubMediéval, and his project Transports Publics brings unknown 17th Century music to the light. Thomas teaches in Brussels and Leuven.